It's national diabetes awareness month!
Hey guys! As a few of you know (@KittyCommittee, mostly), I have Type One Diabetes.
Type One Diabetes is a serious disease. It is an autoimmune disorder, meaning that the body attacked another part of itself. In this case, the insulin making cells in the pancreas. IT IS NOT CAUSED BY EATING TOO MUCH SUGAR.
That's right, Type One Diabetics can eat sugar, as can all diabetics. The stereotypical "diabetes" (is allergic to sugar, fat, takes shots) does not exist. I can eat as much sugar as the next person, but I have to monitor my health better.
I have an insulin pump. The brand is OmniPod, the only wireless and tubeless pump. It is waterproof, and I change it every three days. It is controlled remotely by the PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager), which also doubled as a meter.
I check my blood glucose levels at least six times a day, inject insulin after each carbohydrate intake, and go to my endocrinologist every three months. If you manage it correctly, diabetes can be controlled.
Also, show a little respect. Us diabetics have feelings, too, and it hurts when you joke about the disease, or say something derogatory about it.
Pay attention to etiquette. It's rude to judge because of a medical condition that no one can prevent or cure. Search for more information.
And last but not least, BE AWARE! If you see someone acting strangely, look for an ID! It may be a tattoo, bracelet, necklace, or patch of some sort.
Help spread awareness this month, and all the rest of the year!
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@shannonl5 yeah, it's a big change at the start. You get used to it, and now @KittyCommittee knows it "like she has it."
2 years ago·Reply
@matildajgarrett I guess that's what I get for knowing you since we were in preschool
2 years ago·Reply
And since the diagnosis
2 years ago·Reply
@KittyCommittee I'm offended. You say that like it's a disadvantage. *pouts*
2 years ago·Reply
2 years ago·Reply