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I never introduced myself! How rude of me!! Either way, hello! My real name is Lydia, but I go by Papuru, Lyd, Lydi, or even Lidochka! (It's Russian, leave me alone ;P)
I'm sixteen years old, and absolutely adore anime! (As you probably can tell... XD) I like a lot of other stuff too! Cooking, parkour, roleplaying, horseback riding, drawing, reading, writing, playing video games... you name it! :)
Though I can be incredibly shy around new people, I love meeting them! It's always so much fun! I'm basically an open book, so if you want to talk, feel free to message me! I really would appreciate meeting some new people on here!
Thanks for reading! :)
@PJRodriguez I envy you being 17 I wish I was 17 again and not 20
Hi my name is PJ but I generally go by Pedro at school. Animes been a pretty big part of my life the last couple of years. I'm 17 and haven't reached out to anyone on Vingle because I'm pretty shy over the internet (at school I'm the complete opposite x). Since We r close in age I feel comfortable speaking up. I'd like to be friends and talk anime sometime 馃槉
Hello @EilidhPapuru would you like to be fiends
@VinMcCarthy Thanks! I'll keep that in mind! ^^
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