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"MAMAs just vote right" WRONG . . . Other factors go in to how you can support you favorite artist in the MAMAs♡ I'll show you how you can show show serious love for the baes :D
Show we've go the different categories: ●Artist of the Year ●Song Of The Year ●Album of The Year ●Special Prize
But the general votes only count for about 10-30% of the overall results!! (Yea I'll just leave this chart here so you guys can know how to dominate the categories!)
You already know you can support you peeps by just buying merch and albums.... • • But you can seriously raise attention by just typing their names in a search bar.....YES VIEWS COUNT ASWELL♡
But that doesn't mean stop voting, I'm just letting you in on some other ways to show your love. So keep your you great work so your faves can be at the top for this year's MAMAs! !
Happy Voting Guys, and Good Luck in the poles ....Bye :)