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gurren lagann is my favorite probably because it was the first one (besides pokemon) and it got me in to anime anyone who hasn't seen it GO NOW ITS ON NEFLIX SO GO AND WATCH THIS AMAZING SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok this one is lucky star I like this one cause it goofy and fun like the first episode was them talking about how they eat there food (I am not joking).
this a more over looked one i feel i dont hear this one talked about a lot but the characters are super cool balsa is one of my favorite characters just cause she took on 3 guys and only got one cut (shes the one with the spear) and she one a quest to undo the wrong shes done and she on the last another on neflix so again go and watch it its awesome.
Row Row fight the power
yea i thought hey it would be fun to do it but i have ever heard of that character so ill let someone who liks the anime win