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Feliz Dia De Los Muertos ♡
Being Mexican-American I feel obligated to make this card informing others about this wonderful Mexican culture of ours. Personally, I really like this celebration know as 'El Dia de Los Muertos' or 'The Day of the Dead' for many reasons.

Altar De Los Muertos

On this day an alter is made in the home or the location of the celebration to remember about their loved ones. Normally pictures of the ones that have passed away, skulls/sugar skulls, flowers, candles, bread and favorite food of those people that once lived are placed on that table.

Pan De Muertos

This bread is a typical sweet bread served on this day for all the guest and family members.


Family members and loved ones of those that have passed away get together to pray for them in front of the beautiful set up alter they have set up.


Some Family and 'El Dia de Los Muertos' Festivals have special performances on this day. Typically, the performances they have are from Aztec Dancers and Danzantes Folkloricos. (Pictures shown above)
This day is mainly to get together and remember those loved ones that are now dead. That being said,

Feliz Dia De Los Muertos!!

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