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So, if you've been on Vingle for a while, you're well aware of my cat Miss.Tuffsey. She is extremely voltile, dangerous and down right scary. Her existence frustrates and confuses me to no end. Cats are creatures that thrive off of your affection, and yet they tell you to go F yourself at every turn.
Miss.Tuffsey is the perfect example of a demonic being, sent from hell to torment me.
I was perusing this great wealth of information we know as "the internet" today and I discovered that my hunch, that Miss.Tuffsey, was in fact plotting my demise since I adopted her, was correct.
Your cat is trying to kill you, and I will prove it.

Brave researchers from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland partnered with the Bronx zoo and took on the notion that cats are evil, and confirmed all of our worst fears.

You see, researchers compared the personalities of common, domestic house cats like Miss.Tuffsey, to those of bigger, badder descent. Lions, and Tigers and Bobcats...oh my!
The conclusions were that although, house cats are small, they possess three of the main personality traits of bigger, more terrifying species:




These traits lead to dangerous personalities equipped with unpredictable actions. So when you have those moments where you and your little kitty are sitting down, having a nice time, and she just screams and pounces on you...she's trying to kill you because she's neurotic and violent, just like a lion or a tiger.
Shame on you Miss.Tuffsey!

So, obviously this means that if your cat were bigger, stronger and had more would kill you. Your little cat is actively trying to kill you, it's just too small to complete the job. How terrifying is that?

So, when Miss.Tuffsey jumped at the iPhone the other day while my mom was FaceTiming me from the U.S., she was saying, "bitch. I will kill you."

Honestly, how is that any way to repay the hand that feeds?

You guys better watch yourselves, those cuddly little creatures are neurotic as hell.
Tuffsey could've been the next great serial killer if she were like 50 lbs heavier.
this is so cute i swear. but how? Mrs. Tuffsey is adorable!?
I don't own a cat but every time I visit my friend who has one,I wake up every morning a little bit closer to death. That cat is always plotting for me by spreading it's poison all over the house...and only while I sleep
I think this is about the weirdest comment thread I’ve ever seen. I will, however take note in the vingle elections. Thanks for this moment in Vingle history.
@TessStevens I was trying to hug you not kill you. This is why I am supporting @quietone and @allischaaff in the Vingle elections. @nicolejb take note. My mommy thinks I am trying to kill her.
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