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A heart in shambles. A blank glance. Where did the smile go? The crape myrtle tree that once florished with flowers, had begun to wilt. The blight colors that once filled the sky, now droop down below. Where did the smile go?
The pain seemed relentless. Like a month long drought. The loss of ones' own heart in the midst of a longing. A longing that longed for another. A longing that deepened. Where did the smile go?
Loneliness seeps in. Harsher than cancer. Oh how the heart yearned. Yearning for another. Where did the smile go, that brought about sunny days and stary nights? Jealousy. Temptation. A deep seated loneliness, that threatened to destroy everything. Where did the smile go?
Did it leave forever? No, it was simply letting go. Letting go of the hardships. Letting go of all its fears.
Like an annual flower, it returns. Brighter than ever before.