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~ DAY6 , even though not promoting on live broadcasting shows , their popularity is still at great height <3 ~ THEIR KOREAN CONCERT GOT SOLD OUT IN FIVE MINUTES XD ~ Their popularity is not only in Korea but also overseas, their Thailand showcase sold out in five minutes too! ~The rookie band is holding their showcase 'DAY6 the 1st Live & Meet in Bangkok 2015' at the GMM Live House in Bangkok, Thailand on December 12. ~Tickets went on sale this past October 31 and within five minutes, 2,500 seats were all sold out. And their showcase was trending in first place on Twitter that day as well
~ At first after finding out that they won't be performing on music shows , I was worried that they won't get enough recognition BECAUSE THEY ARE SUPER TALENTED <3 ~ But I guess their unique way of promoting is working , IM SO PROUD >ω<