Hell is real ladies and gentlemen, and it lives in Jim Bakker's infomercials.

Jim Bakker is known for being a complete con man. He took advantage of millions of Christians with his mega-church / infomercial programs. Millions of dollars in donations went directly into his pockets, instead of to the church or those in need.
Despite committing heinous amounts of fraud, heracy and a lot of other stuff that can make you go to hell, he continued to insist that he was doing "God's work."
After a few years out of the spotlight (in prison, cough), he's back at it, selling a whole new group of clueless morons his "truth."
This crop of holy products are being sold in an attempt to combat the end of the world. In the video above, he's selling soup. Yeah, you heard me, soup. 50 pound buckets of soup. This is what we'd be eating if the Axis had won the war.
He talks about armageddon, and how you can still have a "birthday party" at the end of the world if you buy this soup. What in the unholy f*&k is going on here?
If you're sitting here thinking, "This can't be real."
You're wrong, you're dead wrong. The man is back, and he's worse than ever. Even after all of the bullshit he pulled, he still has people in his audience. People are still buying his stuff.
Take these, "Bible Buckets" as inspiration for your next panic attack:

Let me put this in terms that we can all understand:









Are you kidding me? For 50 dollars you too can line this moron's pockets. Go back to prison sir.
Thank you.
Good day.
Is this like a barrel of monkeys?
awwww I came too late. the video had been removed
duh *
uh not as fun,,, due @danidee
@Kamiamon I'll see if I can find another version!
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