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Below are my results to @AimeeH's challenge! Thank you again ^_^
Ahh!! just the fact Kwangmin is my best friend, confesses to me, protective, dedicates a song, AND kisses me makes me fangirl all over again XD <3 Lol but wouldn't mind starting a family with Minwoo ^_^ Youngmin is starting to sound creepy Lol breaks my heart, feeds me, and obsessive? too cute!! (: but it is right about me having the crush on Donghyun (:
P.S. I love Kwangmin ^_^
XD your phone couldn't make up its mind on which one to give you XD Thank you for participating dear!! @JessAS
Love the results btw!! ^•^ ♡
@AimeeH Kwangmin is my bias ^_^ I was really excited for that streak! Lol thank you again for creating the Boyfriend screenshot game (:
@JessAS That is so awesome! He is one of mine! It's no problem at all dear! I have fun making them!! c: