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this is my first card so hiiiii everyone . I actually took the quiz for the who's you're soul mate in got7 and I got mark ,he's actually my bias so yas and nice to meet you all :)
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Hi!! and Welcome to Vingle!! 馃槃 I am new too, kind of, it has only been a couple of days on here for me but again....Welcome!! 馃槃馃槉
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Welcome to Vingle!!!! We're all really nice here so don't be afraid to express yourself :) and btw I'm a fan of Mark too lol.
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Me too !!
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Heyy! how are you? you like it so far here? I hope you do! Its nice to meet you, im Sara! if you have any questions related to Kpop or Vingle or just feel the need to talk to someone (cause hey, we all do sometimes) feel free to text me. My inbox is always open. I hope we can become friends!
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Hey haha I'm fine and yeah I like it here so far and it's nice to meet you too!! and thanks when I'll need some one to talk to I'll inbox or txt you thanks again 馃榾. and thanks every one for the warm welcome 馃槉
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