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I was reading Buzzfeed today and I came across an interesting article about a woman that was proposed to by her boyfriend. She was absolutely happy about what she received but I myself question it.
She received her boyfriend's wisdom tooth that he had to have his father mail to him to have it fitted into a ring holder. Online we have decided feeling such as "that is so beautiful" to "he just wants attention from the Internet" I'm not marry but if I was to be asked, I do not need a diamond and I sure do not need your tooth that your father oddly saved from you going to the dentist at a young age. (that tooth looks pretty big to me lol)
This is perfectly fine... Lol btw it is a Sherlock Holmes Ring.
Yeahhh that's weird. Lol. I am a low maintenance girl and I've never really cared for jewelry much, but sure as hell wouldn't want someone's nasty tooth around my finger lol.
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EW! Hahaha. This is so unique and yet... so creepy!! I feel like it'd be really weird to wear your husband's tooth on your finger all the time... I mean, are they both dentists or something?? (Or maybe both serial killers? LOL)
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