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It's November 3rd, and officially National Sandwich Day, so you know what that means -


Blame it on a childhood full of school lunchboxes, but I think sandwiches are completely underrated!

I mean, check out this panini porn, for example. Food cooked in my kitchen does NOT look this good everyday!

The cat's pajamas?! No, no, a good grilled cheese sandwich is the DANCING LLAMAS.

And no one EVER needs to remind a REAL sandwich lover what time it is!

Hey, you! Don't be stingy with the B on my BLT!

Oh, are you done eating your sandwich? How about finishing your meal off with an ICE. CREAM. SANDWICH.

SO SOUND OFF: How do YOU like your sandwich? (Or, you know, just tell us all about the best sandwich you've ever eaten - and it might end up on the sandwich round-up card!)

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Okay, so..... I have a gross sandwich fetish. I don't care who likes it or who doesn't. I LOVE IT. My favorite sandwich is a grilled peanut butter, strawberry jelly and maple bacon masterpiece. It's warm, toasty, melty, peanut-buttery, fruity and crunchingly sweet with that maple-fatty goodness. *drools at the thought* Oh, and for the record, Sandwiches rock. @danidee
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That sounds like a sandwich we have around here. With the egg thing. It's SO messy but delicious! My second favorite I think is a Bonzai sandwich. Beef Marinated in teriyaki and topped with grilled pineapple, Cheddar, pepperjack, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo squashed between two huge slices of cheesy Texas toast. *drools all over again* Dangit, I'm starving now. xD @danidee And, yes, by all means try my delicious PBBJ sandwich... (Get it? Haha)
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Yes yes, bwuahaha. Try it my pretties! Be indulged. :3
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@alywoah Yes yes! But a grilled PB&J with bacon is even mmmooorreeee amazing. :3 hehe.
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Wow mines is pretty normal compared to danse. I enjoy a peanut butter and banana sandwich. grilled, toasted, or plain I will eat this sandwich. I also enjoy adding honey to it when I want something a bit sweeter.
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