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I feel so bad because I have betrayed JAY PARK!!!!!!!!! first of all apparently it seems like I falling in love with Rap Monster so much that I feel like I betrayed jay Park and I don't know what to do because I am so upset right now and so mad at first I didn't really, you know have anything feeling for a monster or Namjoon from BTS but now I just don't know what to do because first I like Jay Park and then I started kind of getting into Namjoon too because I listen to his songs a lot and then I was all "hey I like this guy I really wish I could know alot about him" and apparently I still feel bad if I ever meet Jay Park and he asked me "why did you do this, why would you betray me" and I will be like "I don't know I just really don't know" OH God, guys I need your help!!!!!

Girl me too! I promise you I had nothing for Namjoon when they first debuted and all; then sometime after just on day and hearing his English, I realized that he was on my list just ruining it. I felt so assaulted but I wanna bias him now I just don't want him to take the place of my UB's Taeyang/Jay 😫😭 He is the captain of my ship doh 😏😍
lol trust me i know that feeling felt the same way with JAy at first but im fine because i equally listen to him and all my other favorite rappers/singers. and with GD im still that way if i like/see someone cute from another group even someone in public im like oh they are cute then automatically my brains like stop!! think about GD and i end up feeling really bad for a second