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This is the perfect time of year for this! It's getting cooler and that means tea!! I love tea, it's something I enjoy while I do a lot of things.
Plus SO MANY COMEBACKS TOO! It's the time of year to save money to buy presents but not for me it goes all to my fandom a >. which I don't mind but who are you waiting for the most to have their comeback??
I'm very excited about the VIXX comeback happening soon!!! There is so much new music coming out...but I'm trying to save for Christmas T-T which means it will be some time before I can get all the albums I want...
@MattK95 I understand you, it's the same thing with me 😕 but hopefully time goes by fast so we can see the comebacks
Me too, I want to save money too but knowing myself it won't happen >.< also me as well I'm waiting for VIXX too ☺️. I'm especially waiting for BTS 💟😀
@izzy08290 BTS is another I'm trying to be patient for!!! It's just getting annoying...I only like to buy hard copies of albums if possible, instead of digital, but with the amount of music this year, I'm already over 50 albums behind on music I want :(