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Okay.... so I was actually planning to do this card for a REALLY long time, but I never got around to doing it. But @kelseyblair was spreading the love for BTOB on here, so I wanted too as well!
Some of you guys may be familiar with BTOB's songs, such as:
But I'm here to show you guys some HIDDEN GEMS to WHY BTOB is one of my


They have these things they make called 'I'll Be Your Melody' where each member sings/raps SOLO in the studio. Which is a PERFECT way to showcase their AMAZING talent.

After watching these, I'm going to make you FULLY CONVINCED that BTOB has 7 rappers and 7 singers.

I'm picking my personal favorites from each person, even though ALL of their covers are amazing.

1) Eunkwang singing 'I Miss You'

2) Changsub singing 'Knots'

3) Peniel singing 'I'm Yours'

4) Hyunsik singing 'Are You Listening?'

5) Minhyuk singing 'Wash Away'

6) Sungjae singing 'Confession'

7) Ilhoon singing 'If I Die Tomorrow'

And they also did some duets with each other:

8) Sungjae and Minhyuk singing 'Doll'

9) Peniel and Sungjae singing 'Pretty Enough'


Can we just take a minute to say HOW FREAKIN BEAUTIFUL THAT WAS?!

And that's the end of my card FULL of videos showcasing BTOB's AMAZING talent. I love these boys SOOOOO much and I hope they deserve more recognition not just as a group, but also as such talented individuals as well.
And just saying, if you actually listened to all of these videos, THANK YOU!!
Here's a virtual hug from Ilhoon. haha. xD
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I've been on them since debut and I love every sing one of them! I love the past two ballad comebacks. Like you said it truly shows how talented and awesome they are ❤️😍
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Yes I love BTOB! thanks for the tag!
2 years ago·Reply
💜💜💜💜💜sungjae voice gosh
2 years ago·Reply
@StephanieDuong Thank you for making this card. It seriously helped me to focus my ears just on them.....and also thank you for squishing these boys into my heart.....THEY HAVE AMAZING VOICES. I like Changsub.....I knew that from watching them on The Qmentary (you know Brian Joo is my boothang)...but anyway I thought Changsub was such a cutie but I had no idea what his voice sounded like. And now that I've heard it....♡.♡ Halfway through Hyunsik's solo video I was done ╮(╯_╰)╭. They're so talented!!
2 years ago·Reply
@PassTheSuga YES!! I'm SO happy that I successfully showed you BTOB. :D -does awkward accomplishment dance in chair- Just kidding I didn't do a little dance since I'm in class right now....but I'm my head, I did. xD
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