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Hey BABYs!

Don't miss your chance to get a free MATRIX album!!!
(check out the giveaway card HERE)

This giveaway ends November 8, so there is still time to enter!

Here are some ways to enter:

1. Attack your friends in real life

Find them, hug them, then have them sign their soul away to the Vingle family.
Then tag their username in >>this<< card :)

2. Share on other sites!

Are you like me and don't have many K-pop friend offline?
Think: Where do the other K-pop fans lurk?
Tumblr? Twitter? Facebook Groups?
>>~ What about the Soompi forum? Allkpop boards!? or even Eat Your Kimchi!? ~<<


Share the card where ever you can and ask people to join, then have them send you their username when they sign up~
Bonus: they can enter too if they get a new user to sign up!!!!

Make this button your best friend!

Share >>THIS CARD<< to where ever you know K-pop fans lurk on the Internet!

Or copy this link:

You can also get more than one new friend to join!

You know there are cool internet people who want to be on Vingle!

Go get them!!!

(Spread the Vingle madness muhahahahahah)

Some examples:

Here's a Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook example.

Get creative and share EVERYWHERE!
There are plenty of people out there willing to help, especially in the awesome BABY fandom :D
Here's the card you need to share >>RIGHT HERE<<


Some one share me I really want this album and I need new kpop friends feel free to inbox me
When nobody loves you even after you've shared it everywhere T^T
Zelo looks HOT!! 😍😍😍
@lafe578 you can get it on Kpop Mart :)
I shared to a few
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