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A perfect punch uses the whole body in a single flow of motions. As you unleash your attack twist your hips and shoulders to make it truely devastating. Keep your attack close to the body as to avoid telegraphing your movements to your opponents. Remember to exhale to exert more force while striking. Proper breathing is an key element in any fight. I will elaborate more on this as I continue my lessons.
This is an example of how to make a proper fist. Your pointer and middle finger should make a flat surface. That surface is the optimal striking force to deal a massive amount of damage while sustaining very little. Undoubtedly it will take time to get use to, but will keep your thumb and other fingers from taking on unnecessary damage.
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Rocky 3?
You should rest your thumb on the outer side of your index finger. If someones stops your punch by pushing up onto your thumb while your fist is like that, they could break the joint in your finger. That's why boxing gloves are shaped the way they are.
Also, only go for those power punches if you know you'll be able to land the hit. Quickly jabbing to get more hits in os more effective than landing one or two really strong punches
Just relaying information the way it was passed down to me from my sensei lol no one way is truly perfect. I do love learning more than my own style though so thank you for the info xD