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Thank you for making the game @AimeeH
My phone trolled me so hard. Got a lot of the Jo twin and maknae Minwoo. My bias is one of the Jo twin.... and guess who??? That's right, Kwangmin lol my phone trolled me. ASDFGHJKL, oh wells lol. You guys can check out her page for the BOYFRIEND screenshot game here. Thanks again, Aimee. It was fun even though I got trolled hardcore lol.
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@panouvang123 I'm sorry, we both were trolled... 馃槕
@AimeeH Yes we were
@panouvang123 Somehow we made our phones angry with us
he broke your heart but you married and had a family with him anyway. OMG. at least your bias was your best friend though and he wrote a song for you. lol.
@ChelseaJay lol I know Youngmin be breaking hearts. And Kwangmin too. Aish lol