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So, I was going to my last class which is AVID. One of the AVID coaches called me laughing then left to do something. I was so confused. Almost towards the end of the class, he told me how his sister showed him a K-Pop song. This is what he said: Coach: In the music video, the guys were small.
Coach: And also, one of them was in a cereal bowl. Do you know what I'm talking about?
My friends: Not again... It annoys me when my friends do that. Like, do you guys know the struggle of not having someone to spam with? Finding out that one of the coaches listened to the genre of music I love something my friends don't bother do for me, it's exciting! And he said that it was catchy! I'm hoping he will soon become my spamming buddy! *gasps* since my teacher is all about having a future and stuff, Imma send her an email to listen to BTS No More Dream, N.O and We Are Bulletproof and consider showing it to the classes 馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺 Anyways...
Then, I showed my AVID teacher my satire which was over non K-Poppers judging K-Pop/artists. As soon as she saw the title, she said: Teacher: I watched some of that... Coach: Oh yeah, I showed her the music video! Me: What did you think of it? Teacher: I literally wanted to rip my ears off! What are they saying?! Do you even understand what they say?! Me: I know a little. Teacher: Do you sing along with them?! Me: Yeah but I don't do the raps. Teacher: Wow! *hands me my paper and walks off*
And exactly how my teacher reacted, I wrote it in the satire which she read. Apparently, people wanna die...and nobody will know the cause of their deaths... *buries a bloody knife*
ikr I wish people stop judging them becuase they work so hard and 1D barely has to do anything I asked my friend to tell me 1D's personality and she was like hmmm I don't really knoe. they are not really open to their fans馃槀
lol yeah I like ailee, Ziont, and ailee too馃槀馃槀
lol I like almost all kpop groups like f(x), BTS,EXID, Super junior, SPEED, B.A.P infinite, exo, 4minute, snsd, red velvet , monsta x, BIGBANG, Day6, N flyinG, TWICE and many more馃槀
Shameless lol @Marblue143 and I listen to Super Junior, EXO, VIXX, Teen Top, 100%, GOT7, UP10TION, INFINITE, B.A.P, Boys Republic, CNBLUE, Red Velvet, SNSD, Orange Caramel and more groups that I forgot
haha lol yeah 馃槀
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