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Someone please tell me you saw yesterday's GOT7 Spot Live video on V! It was hilarious as they usually are. It was only Jackson, Bam Bam, Yugyeom and Youngjae but funny all the same.
Jackson and Bam Bam introduced themselves as JackBam lol Bam Bam hit the Quan (what?!), Jackson started singing along ("Feeling myself") and Yugyeom did the "dadadadada" part and I'm absolutely done 😲😂 Youngjae got an English lesson from Bam Bam but you can tell he's been learning a lot. This video...Talk about seven minutes in Heaven. Thank you V app😩👌🏾 I tried to take good screenshots but I guess my screenshot game isn't on point (Sorry Jackson) like it usually is 😅 but enjoy!