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Cute little kids in costumes that reference something as hilarious and odd as the Pope-mobile deserve a presidential salute. Honestly, this kid should be knighted, or given a medal or something. His cuteness is unparalleled.
I'm not sure about you, but the concept of the Pope-mobile is always funny. Not because of any religious attachment or something, but just the robes, and the car itself, and the concept make me laugh. And I think Obama kind of felt the same way when he saw the mini-Pope cruising through the streets like the superstar he was this Halloween.
This kind of laughter is reserved for things that make you extremely happy, and baby Pope did the trick. If you can make the leader of the free world laugh this hard and look this happy, then you're doing something right.
Make him Chief of Staff or something! I don't know...
He could roll around in his little car and hat, giving joy and happiness to all. Maybe that's what Capitol Hill needs.
Even Michelle looked thrilled. Obama's all, "Look at it. Seriously, come on!"
Baby Pope's 15 minutes of fame are long from over, in my opinion. Look at his little, red Papal shoes! NO WAY.
I hope this brought a little bit of joy to your day, because it sure brightened mine.
Baby Pope forever.
Hahahaha, Obama's got a really nice laughing face.
That's adorable!! <3
Def the best Halloween costume of the year! I really wish Pope Francis would tweet about it or something! That would bring this whole thing to another level!
Awwwww he looks so jolly! but man is that pop baby so freaking cute. haha i know the pope would appreciate it!
something makes him happy