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there 3 gif. Do you remember the 1st kiss? How was the experience?
Well... mine was pretty weird. I was 16, and was at a party. everybody was either drinking or getting high. Someone started up a game of twister and everyone quickly joined in, I was one of them. Since we had a lot we had groups that would play and winner would be put in a winner group that played last. I had a huge crush on one of the girls that was playing in a different group, so I. order to play with her I had to win in my group. I did make it and when we started the winners group it came down to me and her. and by this point they aren't spinning the color thing, they're just giving us colors to make the situation awkward. I was stationed like right above her and she was looking right up at my face. when they called out another color for her to move too, I quickly threw her and everybody else off guard when I leaned my head down and kissed her on the lips. Obviously she wasn't expecting it and lost balance. Which made her lose. We made out after that. But she won't let it go to this day that I cheated to win.
amnesia @Eugene187 is the first
I was at my apartment and my boyfriend meant to kiss me on the cheek but I was talking a lot like normal but I turned around and he kissed me on my lips and I sorta freaked out lol but I was very happy it was crazy ❤️❤️❤️
lol, well only right if I say my experience it's my post. My father like to better on horses, everyday his friends would bring there kids, (daughters ) we were about 12 to 15 in age. one girl nane Melissa she was very cute, funny, and 15 going in 16, I was twelve. so I told her she had tasty lips, literally told her that. she laughed but I told her they must taste good. she blush, am afraid at 1st, but she was like want to make out, told her I never did can you teach me. well long story shot she taught me. plus much more in the comming days, she was my 1st in everything. We dated off and on till I was 17. God she smell lovely!
lol I initiated it and I just sort of snuck it in to our conversation as I had inched closer lol... ugh I can't think about that embarrassment
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