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Day6 is Wrecking My Bias List

It's only been 2 months since their debut, but I'm in love!

Here are some fun facts about the members:


Main Guitar, Vocalist, Rapper
- Born in Argentina, moved to America when he was 5
- Has his own YouTube channel --> yellowpostitman
- Has a hilarious Twitter --> Jae_Day6


Leader, Guitar, Main Vocalist
- Has been a trainee at JYP since 2010
- Helps write and produce Day6 songs!


Keyboard, Vocalist
- Loves soccer
- Has been a trainee since 2012

Young K

Bass, Rapper, Vocalist
- Was born in Korea but lived in Canada before becoming a trainee at JYP
- Was scouted by JYP 5 years ago


Synthesizer, Vocalist
- Appeared on YG's show WIN in a song battle against WINNER
- He's probably wearing a leather jacket right now


Drum, Maknae
- Was the last member to join (Day6 was originally going to debut as 5 members)
- Says he "still searching for his hobby" when people ask him what he likes


www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
This is my favorite song by them so far, called COLORS

What's your favorite DAY6 track?!

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In love with the whole album but Like that sun is my fav kkk Anw dowoon is a vocalist too he said that on the radio show.. Cant wait to hear his voice in the next album ^^
i just heard this song for the first time. i think its amazing. im definitely going to check out the whole album but until then i have to go download this on my phone. vocals are on point.
Day6 has ruined me. 100%. My bias list is now in shreds. My bias is Junhyeok. And he's taken my heart. My favorite song is Colors as well but the whole album is gold. I like ALL of their covers and Pandora. Say Something (which is Junhyeok,Wonpil,and Dowoon) gives me feels everytime I hear it.