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Best Friend ~ Hyun Seong Crush ~ Kwang Min Breaks You Heart ~ Hyun Seong Confesses To You ~ Young Min Feeds You ~ Kwang Min Obsessive One ~ Min Woo Protective One ~ Jeong Min Dedicates A Song ~ Dong Hyun Kisses You ~ Min Woo Marry and Start Family ~ Kwang Min

Felt kinda like a battle of the twins lol! Thanks @AimeeH
@KellyOConnor OMG that was a challenge! Haha when I first saw their mv I thought I was seeing double. I watched it at 3am and was like O_o o_o o_O Oh gosh it's my bedtime I'm starting to see two guys
@AimeeH LOL YES! I've know some twins in my time so maybe I just find it a little easier to tell them apart? But when they first came out it was so hard to tell them apart!
@KellyOConnor OMG yes! funny story! I spent 5 hours debunking them the other day! I downloaded 25 photos of each twin and put them side by side to determine which one was which! I figured it out and I felt amazing! XD Kwangmin is just so UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF in the best way possible!
@AimeeH it so is but I think it's getting easier to tell them apart the older they get don't you? I always like Young Min just the slightest bit more but Kwang Min has turned on the heat here lately.
@KellyOConnor Yeasss! it's okay though I forgive it because it is hard to choose!
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