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Guys I wanna cry!!! I just discovered the teaser photos and they all look amazing, it's almost unfair!! I'm sure this isn't all of them... but can anyone explain to me why Leo looks amazing blonde?!!! #litterallygotintovixxlike5daysago #notsurethesearetheteaserpics
These I know are!!!
Leo's also my bias he is life
@TesneemElAlami They are amazing and adorable and funny. You should try going to the start and watch their Mydol show. they became,VIXX because of that show. Literally. Haha I could talk about VIXX all day...I know wayy too much about em
Those are the new teaser pictures. They are having 2 versions of the album. Freedom and Control.(I believe) which is why there are 2 sets of teaser pics. AND welcome new starlight! Get ready to have your life ruined by these amazing men! My bias is Leo and I screamed when I saw his blond..he looks amazing lol
@TesneemElAlami. no doubt. I can give you plenty of recommendations xD whenever you need em hahaha
@CeilidhHoadley okay!! I'll check it out!! I'll probably be like you in like a couple months!
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