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I figured why not do a top ten of my favorite comic company.
10: Arsenal Green Arrow's sidekick before he left, he kills, uses guns, and is cocky plus there's the color and I like that.
9: Kid Flash (Wally West) It's always great to see him crack up jokes and be cocky, I fell for this character because of the the series Young Justice and the reason why I say Kid Flash is because I prefer how Wally was his own person before he took after Barry and became Flash.
8: Deathstroke He's a total badass, love the costume, great character development, and let's be honest if it weren't for him there would be no Deadpool.
7: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) He's funny and really powerful, I like the diversity behind this character. He's not only number 10 on this list but, he's my favorite Justice League member.
6: Wondergirl I needed a girl for this list so, why not WonderGIRL! I really like how badass this character is, she shows it more than Wonderwoman. I also feel that this character has a lot of potential.
5: Beastboy I always liked watching this character growing up in the Teen Titans he use to be my favorite. It was always inspiring watching him never give up whether it dealt with Raven or an enemy. He's also my favorite shape shifter.
4: Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) He's a young hero left to control an extremely powerful suit that's alive and that's an alien! He's my favorite mech type character and possibly the strongest mech type character and even the second strongest on this list.
3: Robin (Damian Wayne) He's a stuck up bratty badass and it's funny, he's possibly the most skilled Robin and definitely the most skilled character on this list.
2: He-man I grew up to this guy and it was always so intense watching him solve his problems by simply fucking shit up! I mean who doesn't want the Power Sword? He's definitely the strongest character on this list by far.
Honored mentions: Batman, Green Arrow, and Katana
1: Red Hood (Jason Todd) I love the character development and story behind this character. He has my favorite costume and he's my type of character. I like how he will go the extra distance and take someone out if he needs to.
@Thatperson512 Thanks, I'm making the top tens again. I've been busy with my Versus Battles.
@shannonl5 you good you pick good characters...cause I love flash too but kid flash was the man young justice made me love him. GL I chose is the same one @SeintoSeiya chose he my favorite and batman my number one tho always
Batman, Dr. Fate, Black canary, GL (kyle rayner), vigilante, red hood...can't think of anyone else lol
@Thatperson512 Thanks dude! I'm not a Dick Grayson fan, hell I like Tim more than Dick.
Great list!
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