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Hay you guys I want your opinions on this who do you think would win besides eating every thing they see
oh dude... i don't even KNOWW!! love them both and they both have the determination to be the top, whether its the pirate kind or hokage(did i even spell that right馃槄)...but their abilities both blow the water...maybe naruto because even of he does run out of chakra he has the foxes immense power also...but then luffy's metal form can withstand so much as well.....dammit im done..sebastian from black butler wins this fight -_-
naruto is one of the most bad ass characters that I know
Naruto. Simply put, he has the nine-tails inside of him
Also depends on what level at the time of their fight. If it's Luffy up to where the manga is now against Naruto who hasn't even seen the waterfall of truth yet then Luffy would win. But if it's most current up to date of both of them I can't see either ever giving up or giving in.
I feel like if naruto could simply land a rasen-shuriken it would do a significant amount of damage
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