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Teams are always trying to find an edge over their opposition in the NFL. One of best ways to throw a monkey wrench in an opponents game plan is the injury report.
For years, the Patriots have mocked the league by throwing virtually every player on their team on the report to throw teams off. The Colts has taken a different and dangerous approach by leaving players off.
Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reported Sunday morning Luck has been playing with multiple fractured ribs since Week 3, in addition to the injury to Luck’s throwing shoulder that sidelined him for two games earlier this season.
The NFL will look into whether the Indianapolis Colts violated rules by not disclosing an injury to quarterback Andrew Luck.
The NFL has punished teams in the past for failing to comply with injury reporting guidelines. In 2009, the New York Jets were docked $75,000 and former coach Eric Mangini and general manager Mike Tannenbaum $25,000 each for not listing quarterback Brett Favre on the injury report for part of the previous season even though he had a torn biceps tendon.
It's very surprising that the Colts would put their budding star in harms way with this injury. With all of the concussions and additional injury protocols the league has put in place over the past year, its hard to see the league not penalizing the Colts, but @Starbell808 @karencorchado @BrookieyElba @ValerieAlissaPa
Is the NFL overreacting with this one, or are the Colts dropping the ball with Andrew Luck and his health?
I know they want to play the best players they have, and I get that. However, doing so at the risk of the health and career of said player is not a smart move. If he doesn't get a worse injury, ok. But I wouldn't want to take that chance, were I in their position. I'd want my players at 100%.
ouch. is all i have to say
If they don't get Luck the protection up front his career will be short. Also would like to see him limit his turn overs to.