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First off, thank you so much for everyone who has ever opened one of my cards. I recently reached 11 million views on Vingle and I seriously can't believe it!

Thank you for being my friends and inspiring me every day :D

That being said, here's a few tricks for how to make great cards here on Vingle:

(for how to make a card in the first place, go HERE!)

1. Add a Title!

How easy is that?!
It's the first thing people will see from your card and will be what tells Vinglers whether they want to read your card or not.
Make it catchy and exciting! If it's too long, your title might get cut off so keep it relatively short :)
Cards with titles average 1000+ views more than cards without them...they really help!

2. Find Good Images

Good quality, bigger images are always better for cards :D
It makes your card look more exciting, and people will want to look at it more.
I use Google images or images I find on Tumblr and make sure the images aren't tiny. You can even sort Google searches by size (I aim for bigger than 400x300)
Avoid might be the picture you want, but it looks SOOOO much better if you take the time to save the photo and upload it instead of the low-quality screen shot.

3. Use Blocks

Would you just post ONE Jeonghan gif?! Answer: OF COURSE NOT! The more the merrier when it comes to making cards :D
Try spacing out your pictures and text by using the block feature: check out how HERE
It makes your card easier to read and lets you have more fun!

See?! Isn't this block lovely?!

4. Post in Relevant Communities

You want to post your cards so that people who want to read them can see them! Don't post a SHINee card in the BTS community, for example :D
Learn about how to put your cards in the right place >>HERE<<

5. Tag Your Friends

Because that's really why we're here in the Vingle Family, to be with our friends! A tag will let your friends know they should look at your card RIGHT NOW CAUSE ITS PROBABLY AWESOME and can get people liking and commenting your stuff. Make sure you're only tagging people in cards they would definitely like.
(Pro tip - I keep a list of users I KNOW loves certain things. Like my Seventeen buddies or my awesome Starlights so when I see a card they'd love I can tag them all quickly!)
For example, if you post anything about Hakyeon or Suga TAG ME PLS BECAUSE LORD KNOWS I NEED MORE OF THAT IN MY LIFE.

Simple, right!?

>>>>>> Here's Vingle's official how to card HERE
>>>>>or my personal tutorial HERE :D

Now go out into the Vingle world and keep making beautiful cards!

I’m tagging you guys because you’re awesome card creators and I’d love it if you could help me out if people have any questions about how to make a card :D Team work makes the dream work! @byeolbit @StephanieDuong @majesticx @kelseyblair @JohnEvans @4dalientae @jgallegos222 @StephanyAcevedo @KpopGaby @Emealia @sarangseoltang @StefaniTre @AkiraCondry @thePinkPrincess @destiny1419 @electica @PassTheSuga @MattK95 @jiggzy19 @aabxo @DancingPartyTme @poojas @AimeeH @kpopbtslife @daljiyong @smileysuga @KellyOConnor @MadAndrea I’m so sorry if I missed you in this comment, there are so many awesome card creators that I could only type so many names hahahha
@Emealia Haha yes! It's our first start to Story Time Vingle Domination!! Muahahaha! Yes! Hit people right in the feels!!
Sweet I got tagged as an awesome card creator ☆ Thank you @kpopandkimchi Add a personal touch to things. I started doing story time off screenshot games and now @AimeeH and I have infected half of Vingle Kpop with it. Also make things sound just the slightest bit pervy and then slam people with fluffy feels cause its hilarious and I'm an awful person.
@MsDragon here something that should help you!! Everybody please welcome her she's new to Kpop and this app!! :D
@thePinkPrincess Thank you! It did help 😊
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