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The battle of Mark Cuban versus the Los Angeles Clippers heated up this summer after the DeAndre Jordan free agent fiasco.
While many expected things to subside once the players got on the floor, that hasn't been the case. Cuban has went as far as saying despite the bad blood between him and the franchise, he wouldn't consider them relevant enough to call this a rivalry.
"Look, the Clippers are the Clippers," Cuban said while surrounded by media on the Staples Center sideline before the game. "You can change the players, you can change the owner, but the Clippers are who they've been for the last 30 years."
"I mean, I don't hate the Clippers. That's a strong word. I don't hate anybody on the Clippers. I pretty much hate anybody who doesn't have Mavericks or Dallas across their chest, but again, I just don't give a s--- about the Clippers. Maybe that explains it."
Is Mark Cuban right? Are the Clippers a contender or still out of the mix? Should we take them seriously right now?
Cuban has always said what's on his mind,you got to respect man like that.
@TravisBeck And he def knows how to fire up his guys! The fact that he's so involved with his team makes the game more exciting! I honestly like him as an owner much more than MJ.
Definitley still a contender but this is just typical Mark Cuban. And that's why I love this man so much.
that's pretty intense but I can't honestly say I started taking basketball seriously about 3 years ago for my health watching games helps me improve so I look at individual players i will give a definite answer come playoffs though