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SO here is the throery... A new teaser for Pirate Warriors 3 has revealed shank's pwer in the game! Could they have gotten this Intel form ODA? The developers reveal that shanks can slow down time in the game!
He also has the ability to slow down time!!" WAT?!?!
But Foxy can already slow down time?!....
Maybe Shank;s POWER involves slowing down time in a different method. Remember foxy's fruit involves Noromo photons; its not a specifically time-based. EXAMPLE for shanks: Time-Time Fruit. The user can slow down time for a certain number of second. The user must then wait a minute to be able to slow down time again.(Paramecia)
OR it could be like Law's room....slowing down time in a specific area..
SHANKS didnt have the fruit when he saves luffy (since he was swimming)....
"He's already here?!" The people were shocked that shanks had arrived at marineford sooo FAST. Hours before that, it was revealed that shanks had an altercation with kaido which should have slowed him down. DID shanks slow down time to get to MARINEFORD faster?!
Maybe this is why Shanks just appeared out of nowhere in front of Akainu....evryone was shocked to even notice him in the battlefield at this moment even akainu...
What is this isnt a DEVIL FRUIT? What if it is Kings Haki allowing him to slow down time?
Maybe Kings Haki allows users to MANIFEST their own UNIQUE power? It would certainly ass more relevance to King;s Haki since it has only been useful again fodder.
BUT WAIT there's more if u read the text up a few pictures you will see it states "RED Energy straight out of Shank's sword Techniques" and it said "with a colored haki"
Shanks has Red Haki that EMITS form his sword techniques?!!!! WTF?!!! Is this the true potential of KINGS's HAKI?! It Looks like RED electricity....
To Conclue this theory if shanks can slow down time and manifest RED electricity in fights that would be AMAZING!
BUT why would ODA reveal this information to game developers? AND if NOT, why would the game developers make this up for the game?
Tell Me what you guys think! thank you for reading! :D
do people proof read these at all?
@JessReno I agree but oda cannot be trusted lol. and shanks and Gildarts are long lost brothers....maybe ill make a thoery bout that lolol😂😁
is it just me or does this guy look alot like Gilldarts from fairy tail.
oh wow, if it is true, this only makes sense!!
@ChristianRankmo broken af.....I like it lol😁
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