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So, I know I'm late to this, but I haven't been able to play much League lately. Sue me.
In any case, I recently was able to get in a few games by going over to my buddy's house (he has wifi, I do not.) I logged in after the interminable updating point and immediately jumped into the store.
Because I knew Kindred had dropped, and I wanted to jump into that shit. I am primarily a jungler/top main and so generally I like trying out new champs designed for those roles. I was particularly excited to play Kindred because it shows me that Riot is going outside of the established meta or their wheelhouse with her. An adc-type in the jungle? Whaaaa? Color me intrigued.
As you can see, I kinda suck. This isn't really news. But also, playing on a bit of dodgy wifi after a couple months of not playing at all, that'll happen to you. The lag in 3 of these 5 games was real af. That Lucian game especially.
However! I did get to pull off a win with Kindred, which is like, exactly what I wanted. And with a positive K/d thankfully.
Initial thoughts on Kindred after just 3 games: I like her.
I think she brings something a little new to the table, even if she feels similar to a few champs. Her q feels like a Kalista hop, her ult screams of Bard, but she still feels cool. And really, that's all I want from her. I don't play league very competitively. I play ranked sometimes, but I'm like Wood 6 so I never really care all that much. I've been playing league since Season 2, and it's always been about fun. It's a game, right?
I think I'm gonna keep on playing Kindred as much as I can.
I love kindred. started with Ashe onto Quinn and now kindred . she is a fantastic champ if played right. best for me as ADC support (as kindred its nice to mix it up) she's a good all laner and a brill team lead carry however , I do not play 5x5 (hate the new champ point system and new selection system, but need to get used to it ) what new wonder and champs will riot bring to l.o.l I've been here from the beginning and have vowed to stay till the end
@SimonJackson well said. ive been playing since season 2 and I have also vowed to stay, for better or worse. I haven't played her adc but I liked her top for a hot second