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Albeit a couple years behind the global PSY trend, researchers at Oxford University have discovered that dancing to the singer's viral hit "Gangnam Style" has been shown to help manage pain - or at least increase the average person's threshold for it.

Allegedly, you, too, can be as immortal as Deadpool.

So how did they get to this conclusion?
According to a report released in science publication Biology Letters earlier this week, a team of researchers studied nearly 300 Brazilian students that were taught a synchronized dance and given the option to perform individually or in groups. The scientists then performed pressure tests to measure their pain levels both before and after their routines.
Lead researcher Bronwyn Tarr found that group dancing with synchronized movements - a la "Gangnam Style" - helps to produce endorphins much faster than doing a solo routine.

"If you exert yourself or synchronize your movements, you can arrive at an elevated pain threshold. If you do both, the effect is additive."

But don't worry, Tarr also states that you don't have to participate in a day-long flash mob to reap the benefits of this phenomenon. Even a small amount of synchronized dancing can be enough!

"It could be that if you just sync for a moment at your Christmas party that is enough. You don't have to be doing the Macarena for hours on end to establish the effect."

(Although, I can't lie - a 'Macarena' marathon sounds pretty fun!)

So will you be teaching your friends a synchronized dance routine any time soon?

I hope you're all practicing your horse dance!
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@electica I love everything that Got7 does! ^.^ We've done the Just Right routine in class and we're about to teach If You Do. I can't wait! If You Do is my fave routine right now. Well, my favorite routine in the "hip-hop/pop" genre... From the minute I saw the video the first time, I knew we'd be doing that routine. As soon as we saw a performance of the whole dance, we started learning it to teach it. ^.^ I would have stopped the one we were working on to teach it, but that would have been selfish. ;) haha!
@ButterflyBlu I love everything They do too! (specially jackson) all in all I've seen many live performances on tv witch is always so much better than music videos and wow! they always give it 110% and choreography for kpop is like nothing I've ever seen.
@electica I do too! I love kpop choreography. Their bar is so high! The live performances are always Incredible!! <3 I can't Even decide on my bias in this group! Yugyeom, Jackson, JB. UGH. How do you decide?! :P
I did not decide... as it was faith when I first looked into jacksons eyes lol @ButterflyBlu but yeah there is nothing like this out there .
I'm a contemporary ballet dancer . From My of view .. That synchronised dances seem like pretty much weird stuffs .