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He's the Merc with a Mouth for a reason!

We all love Deadpool. Because, well, HE'S HILARIOUS. Seriously, is there any other comic book character that can make you laugh out loud like Deadpool can?

This is (one of) my favorite moments.

Honestly any reference to the Leroy Jenkins meme is gonna make me smile, but something about Deadpool doing it makes this ten times funnier. So Mercs @LAVONYORK @Rafamike @JonathanBellamy @trin1991 @JoshuaGraston @Namrow @brandongromala @Jak91 @Fallout14 @SamTheMallow @CandaceJordan @DarthRevan @MelvinManning @Calanator @twistedreaper6 @MichaelOgg @Kirooken @DerpyPantz @Lawlpool @kenjutsu101 @electica @SterlingH89 @Jak91 @kuzuri96 @MichelleHolly @Taigara @Zeta @CodyBunting do you have a favorite Deadpool line? Or are we all too busy eating Chimichangas?
@SamTheMallow @MichaelOgg lol YES any moment with Deadpool and Spidey. "My common sense is tingling" XD Oh and that random onlooker shouting at Deapdool: "Hey Spider-man what's your sign?" Deadpool: "Cancer I guess."
How can you have a favorite? I love them all! Deadpool lines are the best!!
When him and spiderman go back and forth with "yo momma" jokes and Deadpool yells "foul" and when Deadpool states he has been shot more times than 50 cent! Man, I love me some Wade ♥ and Ryan Reynolds under that costume makes me love him too Lmao. Oh I did like Ryan in the Blade movie too.. .!
@SamTheMellow lol mine is from that episode too when he sees Spiderman's Spider Sense and says, "I'll give you $1000 for your brain!" xd6
@kuzuri96 Me too!! That's what I was going to say. He's constantly hilarious. My brother feeds me his lines like it's his job! But when he break the 4th wall, I just die.
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