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From one impersonator to another, girls...we totally jacked her look!


Is a modern high-fashion Marilyn in this Vogue photoshoot. The construction of the dress is a stark contrast to the old-hollywood hair. Love it!

Paris Hilton

I'm not a huge fan of Paris, but she does the Marilyn look justice here! The white dress and blonde hair look stunning on her!

Nicki Minaj

She even got the dress flare right! Love this on Nicki, the blonde really suits her don't you think?

Amber Heard

Johnny Depp's wife is a blonde bombshell on her own but the hair really does it here. I love this look for her Guess ad!


This Grammy look is very reminiscent of Marilyn's look right down to the simple black dress and red lipstick!


Who could forget the "material girl" Madonna's flawless portrayal of Marilyn in her video for the hit. Channeling Gentelmen Prefer Blondes realness!

Christina Aguilera

Another pop princess did the Marilyn look while she was promoting her Back to Basics album.

Scarlet Johansson

I love Scarlet she's not only an extremely talented actress, but she nails the spirit of Marilyn, that star quality that made her light up every room she walked into.

Gwen Stefani

The singer channeled Marilyn during her "Cool" music video. It's one of my favorite solo songs of hers, and the look is totally timeless.

Which celeb did the look best?

Amber Heard but I like Scarlet Johansson
Amber Heard does the look most naturally I think
Amber and Gwen Stefani look really good