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What's your favorite marvel cartoon movie or tv series

I know there a lots of the them out there just wondering what you guys think what's your favorite show or movie and why?
I *adored* the 90s animated Batman series @JonPatrickHyde it was sort of the polar opposite of the campy live-action series. Very grim and dark (they painted on black paper instead of white). But it was still quite hopeful. I think my favorite Marvel animates series was the X-men from the 90s, followed by the 90s Spider-man series. I know now that the company was close to bankrupt, but at the time I had no idea. I'm not sure if the shows or the comics came first for me, but they're very strongly connected in my memory. I'm sure a lot of my love for them is nostalgia, but they represent the beginning of a really important fandom for me ^_^ @richbitch34 @AdriannaCopp @JohnathanMack @thefeels @cab200 @JohnathanWillia @miriton49 @Sincea @PJRodriguez @Priscillasdoor @AbelLara @BriggAnthony @IanDrummond @ladygdragon @Enhasa @lanejlzero @Crix @ChrisTheMage @mandisellers13 @kneelb4zod @Gabbi @MikeWolf @JasonSkovira @Kirooken @DreJones @JosiahRosner @FrankMcDonald @JayR23 @Maizy0915 @Ontherun5knew @AlexisJones @MichaelLamb @jannellvillanue @lovelyshiro @javie999 @Dwayne1 @TJ12 @FabianValles @LuisDavila what do you all like in the Marvel animated universe?
I would personally go with spider man I watched all of them except spider man and his amazing friends for some reason and I need to catch up on this ultimate spider man. another favorite is definitely teen titans @shannonl5 @Priscillasdoor @TJ12 @kneelb4zod @JosiahRosner @Gabbi
@Priscillasdoor she's such a great villain! That episode kind of haunted me XD
TEEN TITANS!!! Or Batman the Animated Series because my favorite villain is Baby Doll @shannonl5
@FabianValles I wish I could like a comment more than once XD
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