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Studies have shown that aroma can powerfully affect your state of mind. Natural fragrances, in particular, are proven ways to promote calmness, alertness, and mood.
These 5 essential oils smell amazing, and have the added benefit of lifting you up when you're feeling a little down. Give them a try, and see if you don't feel a little happier!


A calming, classic scent that's simultaneously clean and floral, lavender is the go-to essential oil for when you can feel your stress level rising. It soothes anxiety and depression, and leaves you relaxed and clear-headed.

Wild Orange

Citrus scents are known to increase vitality, so when you're feeling low energy on top of your low mood, wild orange is the perfect scent to reach for. It'll help you feel energized, focused, and happy!

Ylang Ylang

Feeling stressed out and just plain down? Try smelling a few drops of heavenly ylang ylang. This rich and floral-scented oil will encourage feelings of hopefulness and peace. Bonus: massage into scalp for healthy, shiny hair!


It's not just for chicken! One of my favorite herbal scents, rosemary's aroma can improve concentration, as well as boost both energy and mood.


Get ready to feel simultaneously calmer and more alert. Peppermint can stimulate cognitive performance, soothe an upset stomach, and clear your mind, all at once. Try
I found the above information on HelloNatural and Organic Facts. While I don't believe essential oils are by any means a cure-all or replacement for properly administered traditional medicine, I do think that even the little things we do can make a big difference in our day.

So let these essential oils lift you up, and fill your home with a beautiful scent doing so. :)

Wow that's awesome @marshalledgar!! Yes, I'm a big fan :) That's really neat that you have personal experience with their healing properties. I'll have to try topical applications more often! :D I've heard apricot essential oil is amazing for blemishes.
I had no idea that you use essential oils @allischaaff! I LOVE these. I use doterra. in fact, I am diffusing a blend of white fir, grapefruit and juniper berry. I wasn't a BELIEVER until I got a bizarre ear infection. For almost 2 months I was virtually deaf in my left ear. Meds didn't work. So I put 2 drops of Oregano essential oil on a cotton swab for 2 days. Ear infection vanished!
Hmmm...I don't know @allischaaff I will have to check my book on oils about apricot. Rose is supposed to be amazing but it's not even available. And when it is, it's usually over $200 for .05 ounces. Crazy expensive. I take my oils 3 ways: diffusion, topical and I make my own in pill form to consume. Next time I'm in New York or you're in LA, let's compare notes and test each others' oils. Right now I have about 40 bottles.