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When a was 8 maybe 9 years old (I don't remember the exact age but I know I was younger than 10) my brother, my mom, and I would sit in our living room with the lights off and watch SNICK, the Saturday night block of television programs on Nickelodeon. It'd start out with All That and some other shows but then it would always end with Are You Afraid of the Dark? a show that really, truly, creeped me out as a little boy.
But if I were to watch it now, I'd feel embarrassed that I was afraid of it in the first place. I mean, the 90s were a weird time where absolutely everything was cheesy and more than just a little bit campy. If you, like me, are an older human/hamster/ghost and wondered what that show would look like; SneakyBoy has you covered.
They recently remade the intro to the show and it captures the exact feeling I felt when I first watched the show as a tiny-baby-boy. The weird VHS/found footage nature of some of the shots really adds to the creepiness.
And, no, I'm not entirely scared or worried or afraid because of this remake but I could see how this would maybe hit that same demographic of kids if Nickelodeon decided to get SneakyBoy to reboot their series.
One of the good things about aging is that I'm not the only one. And some of the other people who are aging along with me are much more talented and creative than I will ever be. Which means I get to experience all the remakes they produce/film while having a personal history with the source material. And it definitely was the case for this remake.
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wow this looks great. I wish this could be remade into a show. I've never seen the original series
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@shannonl5 unfortunately I've never even heard of it until now
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this is amazing!!! i loved that show. the video u posted does look super creepy
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there's an episode that I still think about. A girl didn't have good self esteem and this tent selling things appeared in her back yard. the woman selling stuff wore a scarf over her face. the girl started trading with this woman to get things that would make her popular like concert tickets, etc. well it turns out that in exchange the woman was taking her beauty/youth and the girl didn't realize, but she'd see flashes of herslef in the mirror and parts of her face would be
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Oh man such a throw back into childhood. I use to cover up in my covers to watch or skip it entirely! This reboot though strikes the same nerve with impressive cgi and the incorporation of genre growth spurts since that time (ex: found footage cinematography traits). I hear they are making a channel with the shows from 90z rebooted or the same im not sure. But based off of this it would nice to see the old clash with the new and growth in other shows as well.
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