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Make sure nobody misses your awesome cards!

All right Marvelers! Now that we have our Collection Notifications turned on, it's time to bring our A-Game to our Collections! This will help people find what they're looking for which means lots more likes and comments on your cards!

What is a Collection?

Collections are a way to organize your cards! So if you're like me and passionate about a lot of different things, they're a great way to keep everything neat. I have a collection for DC Comics, one for Fanfiction recommendations, and one that's just dedicated to Marvel's All-New All-Different lineup.

Collections are fun to follow!

I follow collections so that I don't miss updates to a series of cards, or news about something I like. I'm following a fanart collection by @JonPatrickHyde a Teen Wolf collection by @Marichel and a series about diabetes by @rodiziketan so I can learn more from him!

How do I make one?

Every time you post a card, you have to put it in a collection. You can either post it to your default collection (your username's collection), or you can create a new one. I make a new collection whenever I'm planning on doing a series of cards, or when I want to write multiple cards about a really specific interest (like Agent Carter season 2). Check out the image below!

I've made a collection... now what?

It's time to fill it up! I like to think of my collections like hashtags, or side blogs (for those of you who came from Twitter or Tumblr). You'd use a hashtag or a side blog to narrow down your interests, and I do the same with my collections. I write cards for them, I clip cards that other people from the community have written, and then I share the collection!

Publish your collection to the community!

This way more people will find out about your collections and know that they should follow them! I've found that the collections with cute images make people really happy, but this is another great way to encourage people to follow yours.

How do I do that?

I like to wait until I have a lot of cards written or clipped in my collections. Then I figure out which community the collection belongs to. For example, I have a collection with Cosplay Tutorials, so I shared that with the cosplay community. Even though there were a lot of Marvel-related cosplays there, I decided not to share the whole collection, because there were also cosplays for DC and anime.
I wasn't able to figure out a way to do this on mobile, so you'll have to log in to your Vingle account from a computer to share a collection. But all you do is go to your collections and when you hover the mouse over one, it gives you the option to publish! Just like for a card, pick a community and language and you're ready to go!

What else can I do?

When I have a collection I'm really proud of I let people know in my cards! That way people want to follow them so they don't miss whatever I publish there next. And if there's an event related to the collection, I encourage everyone to send their cards to me so I can add them to the collection as well!

I look forward to seeing all of your collections Marvelers!

Let's make it weird.
I'd say helpful tutorials like this are always appreciated.
Definitely! Some people have to figure it out themselves. Luckily, Vingle isn't too hard to use, but any help is good
@shantalcamara awesome!!! Happy to help ^_^
@loftonc16 I am too. It took me forever to figure out tumblr and it was so frustrating and now I don't even use it XD
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