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cute markson ♡♡ but OMG so, my first term report card came for my junior year, and my mom has been up my butt about doing better this year and staying focused. I'm jumping with joy, I got a 91 GPA, they highest I've ever gotten. since starting high school. Also, I made honor roll for the first time since I started high school as well. This is the first year I'm taking an advanced placement class. I got a 99% in my sociology class which makes me extremely happy. Next term I just have to stay on top of my trigometry and french class. Sorry it's not kpop related, I needed to share my joy before I woke up my parents haha.
derpy exo is such a wonderful thing. ☆ and continuation of A.R.M.Y love ♡ ☆ love you all ♡♡♡
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Congratulations! You're doing fantastic!
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you're very welcome!
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@TesneemElAlami Thank you ^.^
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