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{NN} Number One Favorite!

Hey Vingle Anime Fam!!!

Here's our second installment of the Nani November quick questions! Yesterday I announced the giveaway happening this week and all of the rules.
So keep those comments coming, y'all! You could potentially be the owner of an adorable Chopper plushie!
Here's todays question! It's a bit of a doozy, but I believe in you all!

What is your number 1 favorite anime?

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Fullmetal alchemist
2 years ago·Reply
there are literally so many to choose from but I'd have to go with my very first that got me hooked into anime and that was dragonball z
2 years ago·Reply
Pokemon Black and White, however I also like Jewelpets Sunshine (I just can't watch it that often).
2 years ago·Reply
Code geass has to be my fav!
2 years ago·Reply
Chuunibyou is my favorite anime lol
2 years ago·Reply