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Hey Vingle Anime Fam!!!

Here's our second installment of the Nani November quick questions! Yesterday I announced the giveaway happening this week and all of the rules.
So keep those comments coming, y'all! You could potentially be the owner of an adorable Chopper plushie!
Here's todays question! It's a bit of a doozy, but I believe in you all!

What is your number 1 favorite anime?

@VinMcCarthy. OMG. Vin! Really?!!! (What's yours?? I didn't see an answer from you, sir!) This is cruel. I honestly don't know. Tri-gun will always hold a huge place in my heart. It's how I got here. FMA is AMAZING, too. Rurouni Kenshin introduced me to a whole new kind of anime. Ugggh. These days, I love Fairy Tail, Naruto, and One Piece. (I'm watching each for at least the second time with someone else: bff, son, brother. Lol) On my own, I've watched hundreds of other series. But my Favorite?! I. DONT. KNOW. I'll get back to you if I can decide. (Shut up @RosePark. I know what you're thinking right now about my inabilities to make a decision. Lol)
This is really hard question for me because when I watch something a piece of it always stays with me. There's something special in each show I watch so to say one of them holds a favorite isn't exactly true. They all hold meaning in some shape or form. Just because a show has run longer or had more manga installments doesn't make it more meaningful than something that just tossed out a simple 13 or 12 episodes. :[.... So I'll pass on this and say my favorite Anime is merely the experience of getting to know everything I can and taking away a new memory each time.
one piece
One Piece ^^ I think or at least it's my favorite right now xD
All time favorite is One Piece but Haikyuu is a close second.
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