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So this top five list that I've devised, consist of anime I consider underrated. You may of heard of them, but probably never took a second glance at it. But for those who have actually seen some of these series, you know what's good. I consider these anime gems. There are plenty of great anime out there; Sword Art Online, Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Toradora!, Mirai Nikki, etc. But anime doesn't limit itself to the masses, there are some anime series that go without notice. This is just a small list of some that I've seen that's worth the watch but aren't considered mainstream.

1. Zetsuen no Tempest

This anime doesn't get the love and praise it so rightly deserves. This is a story about magic and mystery. If you ever read Hamlet and The Tempest by William Shakespeare, then you'll notice a sense of homage from this anime in relation to those stories. A young boy is on a journey trying to find out who mysteriously murdered his sister as he joins up with his friend, and a sorceress whom was stranded on an island by her people. Aside from the beautiful art style, the story is layered with so much originality.

2. Guilty Crown

This anime had so much potential. But because of other anime that let out around the same time, it was quickly pushed aside. The story isn't as original as you've seen in other anime per say, but I added this anime to the list because the protagonist definitely gets a major character development boost! The concept of this anime is interesting. Basically, the world is divided into two parts. A prestigious colonized area, and a rural ghetto area. The people outside the confines of the colonized area, are dying from a virus. But this virus also ends up being a main void for the protagonist. As he's able to reach into the individual's soul and pull out a unique weapon. He basically is granted this power and decides to help his fellow people get rid of the virus by taking down and retrieving a vaccine from the colony.

3. Canaan

This anime was overall, BEAUTIFUL! This anime brings me back to the classic Noir. If you're into high intensity action and cute girls with guns, look no further. This anime also has a pretty decent story. A mercenary operating in Shanghai is taking out a terrorist group that seek to reek havoc during an anti-terror summit throughout the crowd of people. But she finds out that she is facing against her worst rival yet. It's a short action packed 13 episode anime, and really deserves a lot more praise from anime enthusiasts.

4. Baccano

Baccano did not make any sense to me what-so-ever until after about the third or fourth episode in. After that, I realized that as an audience, you're actually following 3+ different story lines, and that there isn't one particular protagonist. This anime makes sense in the actual story itself. A Massive train called the "Flying Pussyfoot" is taking a journey to New York. Aboard the train are a couple different rival gangs, an assassin, an alchemist, even a so-called demon; and they're all in for the train ride of their lives. I don't want to ruin the story for you but believe me, if you love complex story lines, blood and gore, and gangster flicks, this is an anime you don't want to miss out on.

5. BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad

I can't begin to tell you how AMAZING this anime is. This is by far, I think, one of the best story telling anime I'd ever came across. Beck is a slice of life anime and follows a young boy who knows nothing of the rock-n-roll world, but is a naturally gifted singer who eventually becomes a rock idol. Even if you don't care too much for rock music, the story alone is one that will captivate and move you. The art style truthfully isn't the best. It has a very loose, almost contour approach to the style. And honestly, I almost didn't give this anime a chance due to the look of it. But I trusted my better judgement, and I'm glad that I invested my time into such a heartwarming, tear jerking, face cringing, anime. This anime remains in my TOP 5 favorite anime of all time. Trust me, it's good. The story is simple, but impactful. You definitely fall in love with every character on the show.
That's it for the Top 5 Underrated Anime. Be sure to leave a comment of an anime you consider that doesn't get enough praise by fans. And also let me know what you think of my list. Thanks guys!
Guilty Crown is more popular than you think, but it did feel rushed af. You know what's good and underrated? D. Grayman, good anime but went underfunded went ceased further animated episodes to be made.
Guilty Crown and Zetsuen no Tempest. ABSOLUTELY. love then both.
@BladeChild7 lol yeah I noticed the characters after Durarara. such a good anime. @Ash242401 Beck is just awesome. :) @nenegrint awww thanks for the compliment! :) @BabySheep you're definitely right. But that anime had so much potential. I loved the beautiful art and fight scenes with the music from Supercell. I wish it did well. But sadly, I didn't latch onto it as well because the lack of story.
Oh my god! yes baccano!!! :) I didn't really like guilty crown though becauae because they don't really explain much. Everything just kinda happens lol
I loved Canaan
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