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I don't know what the hell Yo-Kai Watch is and the recent advert released for the game doesn't really tell me anything about the game. I mean, yeah sure, Yo-Kai are weird fart monsters and other monsters that make you goal-tend baskets against your son or nephew, but I need to know more Nintendo. Please, tell me more.
Mainly, I need to know why you chose this direction with your Western Ad Campaign. Superimposing weird anime-esque art on real people is weird as fuck and I don't know if Western audiences will take to it.
Or wait. Wait! That's exactly what you're trying to do Nintendo. You're being weird on purpose. You're manipulating people like me into wanting to share the weirdest thing I saw on the Internet today.
[Not including the e-mail I got from Chelsea. Yeah, that Chelsea, who somehow saved enough money to move or work or go to school in France for a while. I don't even know what she said, she spoke a little french to me. I just wanted to stay home and save some money but then I turned into just another thing she left behind. Yeah, I'm torn up about it but I'll be fine, I'll be fine.]
But I won't fall for it, Nintendo. Nope, no way. I'm not going to do it. I won't write about how the weirdness of this advert makes me want to play the game so bad that I might have to buy a new DS just to do it. Nuh uh, you won't win this time. I still have power. I'm still good at having a mind of my own. Right? Nintendo? Hello? Please tell me I'm right... Are you there, Nintendo, I miss you.