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Rainfall Films' Metroid: The Sky Calls is a fan film that uses the world of Metroid as the foundation for its narrative. It is also a fan film I didn't expect to enjoy. I mean, let's face it, most video game fan films aren't that great. Especially when they need to rely heavily on computer generated effects. But Rainfall Films becomes the exception to the rule with this one.
The 11 minute short follows Samus Aran on a particularly... arduous day at work, so to speak. It captures the feeling of playing Metroid. Exploring dark caverns, the shot selection that emphasizes the loneliness that exists in the games, the use of weapons, and just the way the world looks.
And now that I mention the shot selection, it was hard for me to believe that most of it was computer generated. Not because of how realistic it looked but because of the places they put the camera. Usually when fans or anyone really make computer generated movies, they find a way to put the camera places you never could in real life. But in the short, almost every shot feels like it was, well, actually shot.
These computer generated moments are cut up with close-ups of Samus Aran (above, played by Jessica Chobot) looking nervous or furtive. These moments really add to the character they built for the short. They're also really nice nods to the Metroid Prime series being that a lot of the short is shot from her perspective (those who don't know, the Metroid Prime series put the Metroid games into the First-Person perspective).
And while some of the comments argue that Chobot's depiction of Samus isn't "correct", that isn't the point of the short. With The Sky Calls, Rainfall has successfully put their interpretation of the character up into the ether.
Since it isn't official in any way, it might not fall into the official depictions of Samus moving forward but it definitely adds something the the rest of us who understand that characters, intellectual properties, and media can exist outside of the world they mainly inhabit.
I honestly enjoy it because it's an example of how fans of a great game (or anything really) can get together to make something just as great.
that mini movie was really good
@killakel44 yeah, i was honestly pleasantly surprised by the whole thing