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I WILL be spacing out pics and give u name of show before viewing image just in case you haven't seen it yet. if u haven't seen the anime listed in the first pictures don't swipe through them i do not want to spoil anything so fair warning
this one may just be me but still posting it
and for people commenting be careful with your words and try not to spoil anything for others who havent seen some but let me know what you think! hope it didn't bring up to many feels.
Senketsu! 馃槶馃槶 Ace! 馃槶馃槶 Hughes! 馃槶 Asuma! 馃槶 these are all bad :(
the only 2 I have seen on here is kill LA kill and pokemon. for those that have seen it, I would like to add code geass up there. it's been days since I have seen it and I still think about it. it also has more then just one scene that would fit here.
I knew what this would be like, and I still decided to scroll through. I haven't caught up on one piece yet so I didn't swipe that one, and I haven't watched Kill la Kill yet either so I didn't swipe that one. otherwise I agree with most of these, but I think there could have been a sadder moment in the FT one
@sbrisita don't forget the bulbasaur one too.
can't watch pokmon first movie without crying...it's impossible and also the episode where he sets butterfree free and the episode when he thinks pickachu would be better off with the other pikachus and leaves him; pokemon really did a number on the heartstrings back in the day
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