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Itachi ❤❤
Anyone else love Itachi cause I do I hope I'm not the only one. Cause he is staight up f*cking awesome! Comment anyone else you like from Naruto and give a reason then I might post a meme about that character!! Oh and I'm making a new card just for Creepypasta's so if you like them check it out but it will be made later today!!
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everybody loves itachi. But first they make u hate him then they make u love him then they kill him. its a process with all villainous hero's in anime
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Kurama is my fav! he has such a hilarious personality and I love his relationship with Naruto!
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Itachi is straight up f*cking awesome
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i love itachi but my favorite character would have to be sasuke followed by a tie between itachi and jiraiya and then of course I have a huge lady crush on temari
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