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Hey guys I was bored so I decided to make about my favorite anime series of the fall so far so here we go!

Number 5 Yuru Yuri San Hai

So for those of you who know me Yuru Yuri is one of my favorite animes. I love the cutesy animation style and the characters, so obviously the third season of the show is going to be here but honestly it could be better.

Number 4 Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry

Honestly I'm not much of an ecchi guy but honestly this show is good. The art is nice, the fights are intense, and the show has really good waifu candidates. If you like action, humor, boobs, lolis, and tsuderes this is the right show for you!

Number 3 Attack on Titan Junior High

I love this show, my favorite part about it, is how it can turn a serious show like attack on titan to a hilarious school slice of life.

Number 2 Osomatsu-San

So the previous shows and number 1 I knew about prior to the start of the season but this show I had no idea what it was going to be about until I watched a video about it from one of my favorite youtubers(chibireviews). This show is not your normal slice of life its actually quite crude at times it reminds me kind of like an anime version of family guy. So if you like crude and offensive humor and references to other things totally give this show a try.

Number 1 One Punch Man

Well this one is an obvious pick for me. The animation to this show is so freaking awesome and I've been hyped since I heard about the manga back in March. The fight scenes for the show are awesome the music in the show is awesome the awesome in this so is awesome. Saitama is a complete badass and actually kinda encouraged me to workout again so thanks Saitama-Sensei! I would recommend it but I'm pretty sure alot of you guys are watching it if you're not THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR WATCH ONE PUNCH MAN!!!
Well those are my 5 favorite shows so far in the fall season this is subjected to change since I need to catch up on shows like Noragami and Young Black Jack but as of now this is my list. So what are some of you guys's favorite shows of the season? Would you recommend anything for me that was not listed on the list?
@Kidsdouble9 I've seen it already one of my favs
@VinMcCarthy Ikr the ridiculousness is why I love it so much xD
omg one-punch man is so ridiculous, I love it. I just recently started reading the manga and I'm hooked.
brother conflict
Uta no prince sama and kachou wa maid sama, say I love you, fruit baskets, peach girl, angel beats, special A, Clannad Afterstory, tonari no kaibutsu, Hajimemashite kiss/kamisama
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