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Have you hear about the awesome giveaway we're doing of a Saber figure--all you have to do to win it is get the most like on your card about "3 Anime Everyone Should Watch?" If you haven't heard about it yet, please read the details here!

You might be wondering "but how can I win?!"

A few people have asked me about how they can write a winning card, so I am here to help!

1. Jazzy Pics & Gifs!

Here in the anime world, we are a visual people.We like to look at cute things, delicious things, hot things, pretty things, sparkly things, well animated things, etc. USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!!!
Don't pic a tiny pixelated image, use a BIG, ANIMATED GIF! It'll catch peoples eye and they'll enjoy your card more ^-^
*TIP: I use Google Image search a lot, along with a gif service called giphy to search for gifs and images. You can filter your results by size!


If I wanted to read a cut and dry anime or manga review, I could find it on 800 other sites.
The beauty of a community like Vingle is that people can really show off just why they're into something, so show off WHY you love what you do! Don't be afraid to be weird, mmkay? Show your true colors and your card will be WAYYY more fun to read & people will probably like it ;)
The internet is a place for reinventing: show your creative side and people will be super interested to read what you have to say!

3. Title is EVERYTHING!

Okay, not EVERYTHING, considering it's 4th on this list. But seriously, titles help. I'm more likely to click a card called "3 Magical Anime You Will Hate to Miss" than "3 anime." It's simple, really!! Make it appealing, and they will come :)

4. Tag Yo' Friends!

Sometimes, people just don't see your card, for whatever reason. You have a friend on Vingle you know loves the show you're writing about? Tag em! All you have to do is type the @ and then their username, so to tag my fellow mod Vin, I'd type @VinMcCarthy. Easy, right? Feel free to tag me in ANYTHING ^-^

And that's it!

Now get out there and make some awesome sauce cards :D

If you've already posted your card, and you want to edit it, you can do that! Just click the edit button ^^ your likes will remain the same!!

If your card is the most liked in this week's challenge, you'll have a chance to win this figure!!!

Tagging my friends who have already entered the giveaway since a few of them asked me about this ^^ and so they can give their opinions on what makes a card awesome, too!! @gracemc @AzuDooley @Captpeter @loftonc16 @SeintoSeiya @MadAndrea @ARMYStarlight @RubenRuiz @AlisonGrace @RosePark @MichaelBarry @MelanieMott
@loftonc16 I tried to do that too. Well tried but I think they're still pretty popular, not as popular as one piece and Naruto though lol. It can be kinda hard.
I would say it's okay to put the popular animes like bleach, one piece, naruto, etc but be unique and put some that are good but aren't super popular. I would like to watch things I haven't seen and unfortunately the popular ones get stale after a while.
@BloodStrider no problem! ^.^
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