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Imagine, Him or Her, Your love, The one that makes your heart, Sing, They ask you to, Close your eyes, And stand still, They want to try something. You stand still in front of them, Awaiting something, Nervous, but slightly excited. Then you feel it, Their lips, Brush yours softly, Inches away from yours they, Part. Hot breath moves accross yours, Causing your lips to part, Your noses touch slightly, Once, And then twice, But you don't wait for a third, The urge to taste is too strong, You can't bear it, You mustn't. You won't.
This poem was inspired by seeing David Garrett's live performance of "Viva La Vida" live on the violin. The passion that pores from his fingertips, and the passion that is stricken accross his face, to take in all the beauty and love put into his work at one glance is like anticipating a kiss. Passionate play of the violin has always been a love of mine and as music is food for the soul, its my ambrosia; as music is love, passionately played violin shall stand as my lover.
thanks @shannonl5 I appreciate it.
This is lovely <3